An Example of our Daily Routine 


8 – 9

Good Morning! Breakfast and Free Play

9 – 10:30

Planned and Child Initiated Activities


AM Snack and Outdoor Play

12 – 2

Lunch Time and Calm Time

2 – 3:30 

Outdoor Play and Snack Time

3:30 – 4:30

Planned and Child Initiated Activities

5 pm

Tea Time


I believe children feel secure in a routine as they know what to expect. However, all routines should be flexible and I do adapt the activities to the individual interests of the children. I allow children to choose what activities they want to do because child-led play is important. It gives the child control over what they are doing which improves their confidence and keeps them stimulated. I provide an environment where the child can develop through play making new discoveries and taking risks within safe boundaries.

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