"The childminder's teaching of communication and language is superb. She uses highly effective ways to support children who speak English as an additional language. Her high expectations for what children can achieve and a wide range of activities, provide children with continual challenge.Children make rapid progress in their learning and development. All children are developing a keen interest in mathematics as they play. Young children are confident and show high levels of motivation to join in with activities. They learn quickly by copying the impressive skills of the older children.The childminder and her assistant are kind and caring towards children and children form close attachments to them."

Mrs Hayley Marshall-Gowen -  Ofsted Inspector

“Zita has a great working relationship with other staff and families and shows initiative when working on her own. Zita is passionate about working with children and is always a positive role model also. She is a key worker to over 10 children who records and monitors their development and progress. Zita also adepts to the children's individual needs i.e. working with Foundation Stage age children and children with additional needs.”

Donna Smith

Daycare Supervisor

Children's Centre at The Mall, Luton

“I have found Zita to be a conscientious worker always carrying out task asked of her well and to the best of her ability. Zita was responsible for leading stay and play sessions for parents and children, within that session she had the added responsibility to providing healthy eating snacks, writing up any worries or concerns about the families or children and following planned activities.”

Jeanette Tennyson

Family Worker/Service Lead

abc Children's Centre, The Mall, Luton

“My daughter has severe learning and physical disabilities, as well as Autism. Zita has shown great compassion, enthusiasm and a fantastic, caring attitude. She always works to the best of her ability, no matter how challenging the situation. She has regularly administered my daughters medication with confidence. Zita has tended to my daughters personal care with dignity and respect. She particularly enjoys massaging my daughter's legs and creating a relaxing sensory atmosphere. She has understood the needs of my daughter well, and has shown interest in signing (MAKATON).

She often takes her out on her trike or in her wheelchair and follows my daughter's Physio programme. During play with my daughter she is able to keep her attention, initiating play on level my daughter can understand. Any family/carers/children that have Zita work with them in the future, I'm sure will be as happy and appreciative as we have been.”

Mrs K. Smith


 "The childminder is very well qualified and uses her good knowledge to steer children's learning. Children are very confident communicators because of the good teaching delivered by the childminder. Children form close bonds with the childminder and each other. This is because she provides a calm and welcoming environment where children feel secure. She is warm and affectionate and so children seek her out for comfort."

Hayley Marshall

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